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  1. John Lemberger
    February 21, 2010

    Yo Jon,
    Interested in prices in various parts of Central & South America. Do they follow the “25% Rule” seen in Mexico?

  2. John Lemberger
    February 22, 2010

    Yep, the 25% rule seems to hold. But always be aware of ’3rd Party Price Discrimination.’

  3. What about these issues:
    1. ?mail rx’s into Mexico
    2. ?Insurance? Does US Insurance pay?
    3. Medicare has good coverage in the States, what
    about in Mexico?

  4. easy…
    1. do not even try
    2. some reimbursement
    3. not yet,,, complain to your congressman

    so, for $660 per person per year, you get the Mex national insurance
    so, why buy meds in the US when they are in Mex
    so, stop the donut hole problem

    just move to Mexico, & LIVE!!!!

  5. Some people are asking me if they can come back to the states, use their Medicare, get their prescriptions, & take them to Mexico.
    Sounds too complicated.
    What are your thoughts.

  6. Should I maintain my Medicare Prescription coverage if I relocate to Mexico.

    • Until you decide upon your real permanent residence, you’ll need your ‘home’ insurance.
      Once you really move to Mexico, the insurance from the states should no longer be required.

  7. blanca
    July 15, 2010

    I was surprised by the comment that TVs are cheaper in Mexico. Looking the flat screens on Costco in the US and Mexico, the prices in Mexico seem substantially higher.

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