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  1. Romeo Ramos
    April 30, 2011

    Dear Ms Ilene Little,
    I’m 70 year old male Canadian from Toronto. I’m thinking of going to Cancun, Mexico (cancun cosmetic dentistry) for dental treatment.With what you know, what can you say about cancun cosmetic dentistry? Or can you recommend a dentist in Cancun that do extraction and mini dental implant. Cancun is closer from Toronto than Los Algodones. Any information will be much appreciated.Thank you very much. Romeo Ramos, Toronto, Canada

    • Ilene Little
      May 19, 2011

      I’m so sorry, I just saw this post. Please see the previous post on suggestions, including to check the reviews. If you haven’t already gone to Cancun, feel free to contact me directly at If you have already had your dental work done, please post a review on your experience. You will help a lot of people by sharing your experience.

      • Ilene Little
        July 8, 2011

        No one has posted a review about services rendered at Bokanova Dental Clinic in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Mexico. You may be the first. Whatever clinic you choose, I recommend 1) that you buy the Traveling4Health Press Badge ( ) as a way to identify to the provider that you are a member of a community that cares about customer service — and that you have the power to review and recommend their services, 2) that you print out a copy of the “Post A Review” form ( ) and take it with you as a guide to reviewing the providers, and finally 3) We hope you will post a review online about your experience. You will be helping others by posting a review. Incidentally, I emailed the Bokanova clinic to see if they will respond with the names and contact numbers of English-speaking patients for you to contact. I will send you a copy of the email.

    • Hello, this is a reply to Romeo in Toronto. I do NOT recommend Dr.German Arzate or his Clinic, Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry. My personal experience was very bad.I have spent the last six months having corrective surgeries with two specialists in Canada to fix his dental work. This site is very informative glad you have found it.
      Julia, Vancouver, Canada

  2. irene smith
    May 19, 2011

    Considering dental work in Algadones. I am looking for an implant specialist.
    Need one implant, top left molar second from back. Implant is necessary because tooth has already had root canals and infection persists. Also,back tooth shows bone loss and is not strong enough for bridge to last.
    Tooth is not bothering really bad right now but dentist says unhealthy to leave in too long.
    How long can I wait after the extraction before starting implant process?(indicate minimum and maximum time).
    How long after the implant is placed until the cap goes on?(indicate minimum and maximum time).
    I can do the extraction here or there, whichever works best logisticaly. I would like to minimize back and forth trips but DO NOT want to jeopradize quality.
    Cost estimtes would be appreciated.
    Please forward any suggestions or recommendations via email:
    B.C. Canada

    • Ilene Little
      May 19, 2011

      Irene, I will forward suggestions to your email. You are correct to focus on quality and to take some proactive steps to ensure you find a qualified dentist. Check out the “provider reviews” tab on the community home page to read the dentists and dental tourism facilitators recommended by other members. [ link to provider review: ]

      Keep in mind that when it comes to dental work, you need to be sure you choose a dentist qualified to do the work. I recommend you work through a dental tourism facilitator who has done the heavy lifting to vet the dentists and will be part of your support group for the trip.

      In my educated opinion, when it comes to anything beyond simple general dentistry, it is not worth saving a few dollars by trying to sort out yourself who the best dentists are. Working with a dental tourism provider can save you money on your whole trip because of their cost-savings suggestions. However, not all medical tourism companies are good guys. Reputation counts — and that’s why checking the reviews and contacting the members who posted the reviews is such an important step in your decision-making process.

      Requests for help:
      I suggest two products to arm yourself with knowledge and “patient power” – the total of both these products is less than $50. A little pro-active preparedness goes a long way towards ensuring a good outcome
      1. Read “How To Plan A Successful Medical Tourism Trip” [link: ]. The guidelines on how to find a good dentist are critical to your ability to discern the level of expertise of a dentist. The overall education will equip you to ask intelligent questions and be knowledgeable about the medical tourism process.
      2. Don’t leave home without the T4H Press Badge. [link: ] Identifying yourself with a T4H Press Badge carries an air of gravitas that commands respect.
      3. Finally, print out and take with you our “Post A Review” form. And when you get back, let us hear from you so that others can benefit from your experience! Of course if you don’t have a good experience, it’s equally important to post the form Post A Complaint.
      Here are the links to those forms:
      Sample Post A Review:
      Sample Post A Complaint:

  3. Jill Ruggeri
    July 7, 2011

    I am in need of full implants and am considering the Bokanova Dental Clinic in Mexico. I am looking for people who have had work done there and their testimonials. There is nothing on the internet about them.

  4. Anne Simpson
    August 5, 2011

    Hello Ilene, I was just wondering if you have any information about Dr. Oscar Torres in Tijuana his office name is Pacific Dental. I did my research and follow all your suggestions and so far he is the one I feel more comfortable. I have visited 4 dentist and he is the only one to provide me with recent referrals, he has his own lab on premises and like you said in your previous article I contacted Straumann company, zirconshan,CEREC and nobel Biocare and they all mention that Dr. Torres has their equipment like their CAD CAM computers and other hi tech stuff. I know he is not the cheapest and that is not what I am looking for, I just want the best, since I need a complete set of crowns and 4 implants. I want the new kind made of zirconium. Hope you can get back to me with any info you might have.

    thanks Anne

    • Ilene Little
      August 5, 2011

      Good job Anne,

      I congratulate you on doing your due diligence. Dr. Oscar Torres sounds like a winner, however, no patient has posted a review of his services on T4H. I suggest you print out and take with you a copy of the “Post a Review” form you will find under the “provider reviews” tab on the home page of

      In the meantime, I will call a few contacts of my own, professionals in the dental field, and email you privately with any reports.

      All I ask is that you post a review of whatever dentist you go to. In this way, people will learn where the best doctors are.

      • My name is Selly and I read your above comment as this blog is related to dentistry I want to tell about Crescent Dental clinic one of the most well known dentistry clinic in Limerick. One of the best quality is patients never feel uncomfortable or u can say tensed, the entire staff is really friendly and caring. In regular intervals they provide camp to educate the public about developing good brushing habits and seriously committed to helping every patient to maintain healthy and disease free teeth.

      • This is the dentist I was looking into. Did you find any reviews? It’s hard to tell if what’s written online is by staff or not. Thanks

        • Ilene Little
          April 11, 2012

          Not sure which dentist you’re referring to. Take a look at the reviews page on the community site [ ]. Reviews are posted independently by patients and not by staff. We do everything we can to authenticate posts of reviews. When you view a review you will see at the top where you are able to contact the person who posted the review. You can initiate contact without disclosing your personal contact information. No guarantees that you will get a response, but in most cases people who go to the effort to post a review will answer a request to chat or for more information.

  5. Mexican dentists are a great alternative when you cannot afford US prices. Do some research before you go. Call around and speak to clinics. Many Mexican dentists do fine work and the facilities are clean and modern. You can save up to 70% off of US costs. Having worked in the industry for many years, I can tell you that Americans make up 99% of dental tourism in Mexico. Mexican dentists can do crowns and bridges, but implants are also becoming very popular.

    • Mexico dentists are very affordable. They have training plus experience before they are licensed. Many of the clinics in Mexico are set up to treat high volumes of American patients and they do more crowns in 1 week than US dentists do in a single day.

      • I would strongly discourage anyone from going to Stetic dental implant any of their offices they have heard any first-hand experiences .I had two dental implants in Cancun one of which was the wrong size the other became very infected.At first they actedconcerned and wanted me to come back I did not want to come van because I didn’t think they were capable of fixing this they are offered to pay for my traveling expenses and my inconvenience and this dragged onfor over a month and then finally told me they’ve no intention of paying me to just wanted to basically to buy my silence and since then I’ve heard about many other people with infections of at least six other people with horrible experiences losing the implants due to infections. Also beware of review sites like what having a very hard time posting my review. All you see are positive reviews so I don’t know what the story is there but I did my homework I looked at credential on the Dentist,I talked to other patients on phone and it didn’t prevent what happened to me so beware of Stetic Dental.they have lots of offices , very smooth talking. One of the owners is Manny Paysn, he won’t tell you he’s the owner and he is the one that promised to pay my expenses.

  6. Hello guys, we’re very sorry to read all the bad experiences you had recently. If there’s anything we can possibly do for you please let us know, we will be proud to be part of your smile.
    In our News flash you can read authorized posts by some of our patients, we have patients who have offered to share their story and they’re open to clear your doubts.

    Dr. Esteban Barragan
    Chief Surgeon
    Bokanova Dental Team

  7. lisa cummings
    June 18, 2012

    Im getting ready to go to Algodones I think Im looking at Simple Dentist with Dr. Enrique López Gaspar does anyone have positive or negitive info on him?

    • Ilene Little
      June 18, 2012

      Hi Lisa,
      No feedback yet on Dr. Gaspar. Hopefully you’ll do us all a favor and post a review upon your return. Have you looked at our review page?

    • Alexis Akers
      January 29, 2014

      Hello, I am looking into him as well to get veneer work done. How did your experience go?

  8. Hi all, If you are looking for quality dental care abroad, you might want to consider Costa Rica. There are many internationally certified clinics and competent dentists. People with experience in both countries have told me that Costa Rica is a much more relaxed experience focused more on quality than on quantity.

  9. Garry Wylie
    September 4, 2012

    could you give me information on which is more recommended for dental implants ocean or stetic dental in cancun mexico .I would appreciate a response

    thanks Garry

    • Ilene Little
      September 4, 2012

      Hi Garry,

      Check our “Winners Circle” / “Dog House” list where other members have posted both positive reviews and complaints about dentists. Unfortunately, no one has posted a review on any dentist in Cancun. Check out our “consumer protection tools”, like our inexpensive member ID badge that will identify to any provider that if they treat you well you will post a review which will give them access to over 1,000 potential new patients (our members). Plus, upon return from your trip, if you email me I will reimburse $10.00 of the $17.50 for the ID badge as an incentive for you to post the review. Note: No member who has ever worn the ID badge has ever posted a complaint about the service they received. There is definitely a lot of protection in group membership. Of course membership is free.

  10. Ian DeFore
    November 18, 2012

    Trust dental in Tijuana attempted three implants & they all failed within one month. The “flap” opened up to access the jawbone was sutured with resorbable (melting)instead of 3-o silk. It opened back up leaving my jawbone exposed. Cost $400 dollars in US to repair.

    • Ilene Little
      December 29, 2012

      We’ve had success resolving disputes between patients and dentists. Take a look at what our THR Mediation Service has to offer, and if we can help you, submit a request for help.

  11. My situation with stetic has been resolved to my satisfaction.

    • Well stetic has once again proven the,selves to be dishonorable and u professional. They were to compensates me for their malpractice but only after I wrote the above. Well, they lied s here it goes. Please do not go there they treated me horribly as well as many other ewhen they too suffered incredible irreparable damages.

  12. I am doing research on 2 Dentists located at Acuna Cuidad, Mexico, across from Del Rio. Any references on the below Dentists is appreciated.

    Dr. Aide Talamantes-Garabedian, DDS

    DDS. Jaime Flores Ayala

  13. Nancy Cardona
    February 16, 2013

    I just had 8 implants done in Tijuana Mexico with Dr. Marco Casco and the experience has been fenomenal. I saw his name in an article and proceeded to do some research and it all worked in my favor. Great Doctor! very professional and commited. He explained everything thoroughly and the process was flawless. I will recommend him any time.

    • Marti Settle
      March 10, 2013

      Dear Nancy, I see your post of Feb. 16, 2013 where you went to Tijuana for dental implants. You did exactly what I need, about 8 dental implants. I am 69 years old and frankly,terrified about the dangers of murders and gangs in Mexico. can you give me an idea about security, nice hotels to stay in, and costs for the 8 dental implants. I am on social security so money is tight. I have some savings toward this work and if I could get my teeth fixed it would add so much to the quality of my life. I am so tired of missing teeth and would love to be able to eat a steak again before i die. What can you tell me?

  14. Updates on stetic, they are gloving medical tourism a bad name. Please go elsewhere, nothing is worth what they out me through. Remember, you have no recourse except reversing your charge card so be sure to use it.

    • Karley
      May 24, 2013

      Hi, I am looking to get one implant done please if anyone can recommend a good experienced dentist that is clean and legit please let me know

      • Ilene Little
        May 24, 2013

        I can recommend several. I will email you, or feel free to call me at 253.334.1877.

  15. sonia PG
    August 28, 2013

    Thankyou for sharing this interesting article

    Dental Holiday UK

  16. Maria Masmanian
    October 21, 2013

    Iam trying to get some dental work done in the Cancun/Playa del Carmen area. Basically a “Gingival Flap Procedure” and an implant. Anyone knows either one of these doctors: Dr. Luis Delgado from Dental House or Dr. Jorge Armenta Morales in Playa del Carmen. Please let me know I am leaving MAssachusetts Oct 27.Thank you kindly.

  17. I had a very bad experience with Ezekiel Lagos in Tijuana ( He was recommend by Dr. Hal Huggins’ (a former mercury-free dentist’s organization) of Huggins Applied Healing. Fillings started falling out 3 weeks after return and have had decay underneath, just confirmed by a second US dentist. All are having to be redone and two may need crowns. Dr. Lagos is blaming it on malabsoption, which he apparently believes can happen in a matter of weeks. He has also denied using Chinese gauaze that caused a severe reaction, even though he told me this with my sister standing right next to me! Beware of any provider who blames the patient for the bad outcome. Spend your money there at your own risk. Incidentally, Huggins Applied Healing hasn’t returned my call and presumably continues to recommend him. Keep that in mind if you decide to utilize their services.

  18. Fixed budget, like many. I just lost my bottom front tooth on Thanksgiving Day morning. Of course, I had company coming. I am open to going to Los Algodones, Tijuana, or Cancun at the moment. I just had a full mouth deep cleaning about a month ago. They could not do under my gums. I’d like to get another deep cleaning. I’ll need gum grafts and either a bridge or implants. I’m assuming this is going to take 3 trips for me to get the work done and to be able to afford it. I wanted to say thank you to Ilene Little for having this site. It’s been amazing to be able to do as much research as I am doing before hand. I’m only 42, and I’d like to be able to save my teeth. Thank you Ilene and everyone that posts reviews for others. It really is putting my mind at ease. Happy Holidays!


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